Cecilton, Maryland
About Us
We are a family operated business that specializes in Bass Boat services. Bass boats
to us, are an investment. To up date and renovate a bass boat is far more
in-expensive then buying a new one. Bass boats should last if taken care of them..
We can help in making a bass boat that has not been taken care of ,to look almost
new, at a fraction of the cost that you would think.
By doing things, like re-carpet, up dating your dash, switch panels, steering wheel,
throttle, add led lighting, replacing seats, and a good detailing job is just some of the
things that can be done to make your boat look good again.
These are the services we offer, and we take pride in our workmanship, as we treat
your boat as if it was ours. Do yourself a favor, and give us a call to set up an
appointment, to bring your boat by and let us give you a surprising low price to get
your boat looking like it should...

Below is some examples of what updating your boat can do....
From this
To this
Throttle upgrade
New Custom seats